Windwalker is an explorative gliding game I produced with a team of 7 members in the Unreal Engine.

The team roughly comprised of 3 Designers, 3 Artists and me acting as a producer and developer. Practically most responsibilities were handled in a more cross-department way, which meant that designers would implement & prototype their own designs and artists would directly influence level design and take care of tech art.

For me, this was the first experience as a producer with a team of this size. I was also one of the more experienced Unreal Engine user, which resulted in me being the engine guru from a technical standpoint. This project gave me a lot of insight into working with different personalities and taking care of unique project bound responsibilities. Specifically, in this case, a lot of energy went into planning a process which allowed the designers to stay productive without the presence of dedicated developers to cover their needs. The production board linked above is a great place to look up the challenges we had to face.
(Note that the board was meant for internal use only and expanded over the development in an emergent way, also containing meeting notes and similar active documentation notes which are unintelligible to an outside viewer)

In the later stages of development I also took responsibility for some technical tasks. Most notably iterating on the gliding mechanic, implementing the saving system and adding bird flocking simulation.