Spiel Das HKW!

I had the opportunity to work on this project for the House of the World’s Cultures one of the most important cultural institutions in Berlin. They decided, as part of a internal exhibition to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the institution, to make a game. This game had to gamify the internal workings of the organization and display quirks and features of the institution in a playful manner.

We developed the game in a group of four developers. As is the normally the case with small teams, we split most responsibilities equally, but I was mainly responsible for programming and rapid prototyping. Due to the highly mutating requirements from a client base that was not accustomed to playing games, we quickly realized that the best strategy was to produce numerous miniature prototypes, to reach as wide of an audience as possible. For the final exhibition we would then develop a more extensive game. We ended up developing 3 prototypes, a card game and an arcade machine as well as the final game.