Hi! I’m a game developer and designer based in Munich.

I grew up in Rome, Italy where I’d spend my days ignoring the beautiful architecture and historical relevance to play videogames with my friends. After I graduated I moved to Berlin, Germany where I studied Game Design and refined my skills as a developer.

I remember being on a trip to Arizona with my family when I was a kid. We had rented an enormous camper, unimaginable by European standards, and were traversing the Monument Valley. Though I don’t remember the beautiful sight because I spent the entire trip playing GTA Vice City on my PSP.
From a young age I always wanted to know how things worked, inventions and technology fascinated me while games captured my imagination.

Today, I love programming. It allows me to create something, something that behaves and acts, out of pure thoughts and logic. Programming languages allow us to speak a language of creation and games allows us to put these creations into context (worlds) and to feel them through experiences. For this reason, I love working on games. Be it on my own ideas or somebody else’s.
I can’t go a week without working on some project, be it iterating on some mechanic, polishing or simply refactoring.

Making games is as much about the process of making them as it is about the games themselves. I am fascinated by the process. Every game with every team will have a different process and a different way to iterate on it. So don’t be surprised if you find me talking about it for many hours. I’m a firm believer that the game development process can be as fun as the games that are birthed from it, without a loss in productivity.

If you want to get in contact, send me an email, add me on discord or message me on LinkedIn.

Email: martinelli.luca.andre@gmail.com
Discord: Luca Martinelli#7305
Linkedin: Luca Andre Martinelli

If you are interested in my skills, checkout my resume or look at my GitHub.

Resume: direct | google drive
Github: github.com/LucxMangaJet

If you want to read some more about my thoughts, take a look at my accademical writings.

Bachelor Thesis: Instrumental convergence for game development
Paper: Agile prototype programming